Lie Detectors in Business

Whenever we think about the idea of giving someone a lie detector test, you are probably thinking about a police station and the suspect being questioned. Or maybe you are thinking of those dramatic moments where people catch international terrorists and interview them using these lie detector machines. And while there are probably parts of the world where that is happening, this is not what you are here for. You want to learn how you could make a lie detector test useful in a professional environment. We are going to talk about this in some detail right now.

What you have to know about a lie detector test is that you have to make sure you are doing this the right way. You can read more at, but we will talk about it also. What you have to know is that when you are using a lie detector test too liberally, you are going to damage the morale of your employees. If you think that you can have an office where everyone is going through these tests each day, or every few days, then you have another thing coming your way. It is just not going to work out for you.

But what you can do is ensure that you are using them in the right moments. Let us say that you have a small team that is working on something very secret. Even people in your company are not sure about all the details of this project. You are keeping it as secret as you can manage, because you do not want to give your competition any advantage in these moments. But you are worried someone may leak the secrets. This is where you could think about having a lie detector test every week on those specific employees who are a part of that team.

And the reason why that will work is because they know they are working on something that is top secret. We also think that it would be a good idea if you were to let them know that joining that team means they are agreeing to these tests. That means they know they are not only working on something special, but they have to take on an extra responsibility to ensure things are being done in the right way. So long as they are aware of this reality, it will be a lot easier for them to accept the tests.

Another way that you can use the lie detector at work is if you are having some trouble with employees who are not being honest with you. And this is when you are facing one or two employees who are just always bending the truth when you are asking them about something related to their jobs. Eventually, you may get sick of their behavior and you can whip out the lie detector test. This will make sense in the moment, and your employees will know that you are only using it as a last resort, not as a crutch.