Business is Booming When Using Outsourced Employees

Contractors, temp employees -whatever name you choose to call them, just make sure that you call them. It’s estimated that about 65% of companies use outsourcing for at least a portion of their work and this could very well be a beneficial decision that helps your company succeed. It’s time to learn how to make temporary employees work for you and stop missing out on the plethora of benefits offered. So many companies are now using these individuals for a variety of tasks in their business. Making the same decision could be one of the best that you make for your company.

A temporary worker is someone that you hire to provide services for your company for a short duration of time. These workers are used in a variety of industries in both skilled and unskilled positions. Using their services keeps business life simple and reduces the headaches and stresses that you sometimes encounter when taking on added work or need a new worker. Some workers are needed for a day or two, sometimes it is a few weeks or even a few months or until a project is completed. These workers are hired at your discretion at an agreed-upon rate for the job. Companies of all sizes use these workers to fill their needs.

Temporary workers make the process of growing a company with less overhead far easier. You will find new talent to bring on board, save money, and easily meet changes with a sense of urgency. You won’t need to provide medical insurance, retirement plans, bonuses, or vacation pay to these employees, nor is workers compensation insurance needed. Those factors alone save a company a huge chunk of change. It’s also easier to find workers who enjoy flexible work schedules rather than the typical 9 to 5 schedule. When you’re using outsourced employees, there’s less money to operate a business and more profit coming your way.

Additionally, outsourced employees are great when you need someone for a specialty skill that you don’t use often. Why add someone to the payroll when their services are needed only now and again? Removing an employee from one area to fulfil the need is also an idea, yet still places you in a compromising situation that lessens productivity. When temp employees are used, you fulfil the need without causing added financial strain to the budget.


Although there’s an array of benefits offered when you use outsourced employees, there are also many aspects to consider before taking the plunge. Protecting your business is of the greatest importance and you should consider this before anything else.  Remember to submit W-9 documentation for each work-for-hire employee used at your business during the year. Document work that is performed, the agreed upon amount for that work, and who owns the work after it’s completed. Ensure the temporary worker signs this release and is provided with a copy. Non-disclosure agreements are recommended to use in such relationships.